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Budget Steam Streaming Options?
« on: February 21, 2017, 04:46:30 pm »

So my JXD s7800 packed in a while back, I loved the design but it was terrible at streaming games due to the 2.4ghz only wireless and the thumb sticks deadzones were a bit crappy which was a shame.

I'm looking for something to replace it with with the primary use being streaming games from my PC as well as occasional PS4 and some light emulation.

I'm trying to figure out what my options are with an ideal budget of 100-150 but it's difficult as most devices dont mention if they support 5ghz and it's hard to know how good the controls are without reputable reviews.

 So far this is what I can find if anyone can contribute:

Linx 8 - Under 100 on ebay, controls seems ok but some people complain on positioning. PS4 wouldnt work.

Cheap Android Tablet + Ipega 9023 - Can probably do for <150, not sure on suitable 7" tablet and unsure how reliable ipega is with latency and interfering 5ghz while streaming. any input for this?

JXD S192 -  Insanely expensive and seems to be discontinued? Hard to find review

Shield tablet + Ipega 9023 - Expensive but likely a solid experience? Poor battery life?

ianuk2005 (OP)

Re: Budget Steam Streaming Options?
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No one have any input on this?


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