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Re: An alternative to nvidia shield, for gamestreaming, suggestions?
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Just a little update.

I'm colaborating (with testing, feedback, and some sugestions) with the consoleXstream project.

is a very interesting project that is focused on desktop console streaming.

basically is a common interface for capture cards, and can handle distinct controling devices such Titan One and similar.
All of these configurations can be saved on profiles, based on each console you want to use.

take a look. may be interesting for you.

a sample of the program running.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

basically, you will see the PS3 console, with no post-processing threads that generate lag on many capture software (in my case, the software that come with the capturer, genrate a big lag over the time. after few minutes i get half second lag... and more time, more lag. with this program i don?t have any lag of this kind)

Take note i?m talking about the lag between PS3 -> capture card -> software for viewing the capture card on PC.



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Re: An alternative to nvidia shield, for gamestreaming, suggestions?
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Iv been browsing this forum for a while and own a nvidia shield. I am a tech enthusiast and am looking for an alternative portable gaming device to the shield as its weight makes it unbearable to hold for extended periods of time.

i prefer streaming games or gaming on my moga pro with xperia z ultra however this can be cumbersome and the dpad on the moga is terrible for retro games.

I have narrowed down my interests to these few consoles, ideally i would want somthing with L3 and R3 buttons for game streaming but i can make do without it, also I dont want something that heats up too much and is comfortable to hold:

Much i5s  --- no l2 or r2 :( but a good rounded device.
Jxd 5800 ---- cant find any true reviews on it and people say the sticks are bad
GPD G5A ---- so far the best candidate, but Im not sure how or if u can stream games @ 720p on that screen? iv seen videos of it outputting on hdmi but nothing on screen, battery life is a bit low 3 hours
JXd 7800b----  weight can be an issue, but maybe its more comfortable to hold in person
ipega 9700---- again weight maybe an issue, also does it have clickable analogs? L3 and r3

Here's a nice review of the JXD S5800, from our own Deen0X.

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