Author Topic: What JXD S7800B firmware should I use?  (Read 71 times)

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What JXD S7800B firmware should I use?
« on: January 10, 2017, 11:46:56 AM »
Hi guys, I've had my JXD S7800B for a few years now, but haven't touched it in a very long time. It is currently running the supercharged 2.2.1 (based on JXD's stock 1.1.4 firmware) with android version 4.2.2. I can see that on their website, JXD have a more recent version called 4.4.4.

My question is, should I upgrade to JXD's stock 4.4.4,  stick with the supercharged v2.2.1, or is there a better option than those? Additionally, is there yet a fix for the buggy right joystick?

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