Author Topic: Request: Can someone make the Nvidia Games app viable for JXD S192?  (Read 111 times)

siliconmessiah (OP)

JXD was fully able to shoehorn in the Nvidia Shield Hub into the JXD s192 without trouble. It worked fine for a long time.

Now, the Nvidia Shield Hub is outdated and replaced with the Nvidia Games App.

However, the Nvidia Games App is listed as "incompatible" with the JXD s192. So it cannot be installed from the Google Play Store.

My humble request is if someone out there might be able to solve this, so that I can once again be able to play the games on Geforce NOW? Or should I contact JXD to get a firmware out with the Nvidia Games APP on it?



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Good luck contacting JXD for a firmware.... Most probably that app need a shield device, or that the JXD is spoofed completely as a shield one in the firmware. Also, maybe could it be that it needs a later version of Android and not Android 4.4, because the app was introduced in shield tablet in android 6 I think.
If you want gamestreaming, you can always use Moonlight if you have an nvidia card on your PC.