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VICE 2.3 for Native Dingoo
« on: March 21, 2011, 09:35:20 AM »

New version available that fixes cartridges

---------Original post---------
Vice has been ported the native os and from the sounds of it it is awesome!!

Thanks to waderain for bring us the news on the boards!

Readme for Vice 2.3 for Dingoo (native OS)

Motivation for this port:

The only Dingoo vice port runs under linux for Dingoo (call Dingux).
It has a very poor performance so it is not possible to run games
with satisfying speed.

This port can run the most games with 50 fps.
Some demos slow down the emulator a bit.

Use of the binaries:

Copy the complete folder "Vice-Dingoo-2.3" to you flashcard
Start you Dingoo in native mode
Select "3D Game"
Browse to your "Vice-Dingoo-2.3" directory.
Start ""

Emulator keys:
"start" : for SDL menu and leave menu again.
        Use "A" for entering and "B" for leaving"

"A"     : fire button
"X"     : space
"L"     : freeze game
"R"     : restore freezed game

Additional speed:
If you want to run the Emulator a little bit faster, select in menu
"-> Speed setting". There is a radiobutton with "Overclock to 433 MHZ"

Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: Peiselulli

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