Author Topic: Final Burn Alpha for OpenDingux v1.0 (release)  (Read 2627 times)

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Final Burn Alpha for OpenDingux v1.0 (release)
« on: February 27, 2013, 02:38:59 PM »
d_smagin has released a new version of his already awesome port of FBA

Final Burn Alpha for OpenDingux v1.0 is released (see first post).

What's new in FBA-Capex:
- Menus are greatly reworked. Now when you choose a game from list and press A the game config appears where you can change some game-specific settings.
- Settings for each game are saved implicitly, no need to worry about global/local

What's new in FBASDL:
- Savestate support (hotkeys: L+R+A - quickload, L+R+B - quicksave)
- Simple GUI (L+R+START) and key remapping
- Service menu (L+R+SELECT)
- Many bugs fixed
- Enabled some more games like or (refer to gamelist.txt for full game list support)

Knows bugs:
- Savestates are not working for cached *.fba roms
- Sometimes FBASDL crashes on exit and doesn't return to FBA-Capex properly.

Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: d_smagin
Download Source:,