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Sorry for not posting this sooner! Thanks goes to everyone that messaged me about it. This is a great NES emulator for out beloved DINGOO. Anyone want to port it to OpenDingux?

--- Quote ---Description is in another language thanks goes to a320.emulate.su for the translation.

Why is this better than analog emulator?
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At the moment, under the Dingoo Native OS emulator, there is only a standard NES - NES.SIM. DingooNES emulator has several advantages over its analog:
- unified user interface (future emulators of other systems will have the same interface) with user-friendly and intuitive operation;
- high-speed emulation, not yielding counterparts, and in some cases superior to them;
- excellent compatibility with games through the use of nuclear emulation FCEUX v2.1.5;
- support for hardware bilinear scaling using IPU;
- support for games on TV standards NTSC and PAL;
- support for loading compressed ROM file games, as well as automatic compression ROM files
- the ability to override control keys;
- safe working emulator for Dingoo, connected to the TV;
- Fast forward emulation - Fast Forward;
- special modes run the emulator.

--- End quote ---

Author/Porter: lion_rsm
Download: http://rsm-files.narod.ru/dep/DingooNESv10.zip

in full screen mode why i feel speed has a little slower than NES.sim.. can add NES.sim's full screen scale?thx ;)..
in normal screen mode with set sound rate 11025 and cpu at 336mhz,it get 60 fps..great emu!!

Hmm... I bet this runs the games that the original can't.  The NES emu was quite good already on the Dingoo, so I'm a little surprised to see this.  Having said that, it's also understandable that it would be slower for now.  It's looking good so far.

I'm finding that the stock emu runs a little smoother, whereas DingooNES runs a little slower and with screen tearing. Not sure of compatibility is improved, I never really had any problems with the stock emu.

I can finally play Kick Master!

I'm happy  :)


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