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PC Engine / TG16 / Turbo Grafx emulator HuGo for Native - based on Dingux-Hu-Go

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Dingux Hu-Go for Native.

Downloads from https://bitbucket.org/clach04/dingoo_hugo/downloads?highlight=19169

Basically a native version of http://boards.dingoonity.org/dingoonity-news/tailtale-v0-1-for-dingux/.

WARNING this will overclock by default to 400Mhz
WARNING this build will hang unless you have a rom called default.pce in the same directory as the .app, Hugo now includes a free PD rom, Chris Covell 's Screen Dimension Test http://pdroms.de/files/1079/, to avoid this problem


Unzip the zip file, into:

    A:\Game\3D Games\

this should mean a directory is created called:

    A:\Game\3D Games\DingooHuGo

Containing; hugo_dingoo.app

It should behave just like the Dingux version (with a minor change with the position of rom names in the menu). See the help file (which is viewable in the Emu). Use the START button in the ROM browser to bring up keyboard to enable jumping to ROMS beginning with a specific letter.

Finally, I can play Bomberman  8)

[edit1: hang problem with default.pce documented]
[edit2: new download same binary, includes a default.pce]
[edit3: new download same binary, includes a working default.pce]

Great, downloading now. Very excited to try this. The only other alternative for PC Engine on native is DOOEngine, and whilst good with some games it struggles with many others.

Thanks for this. :)

Not having much luck. Upon launching the .APP file I see a brief HuGo splash screen, screen turns black and Dingoo freezes. :'(


--- Quote from: Frank_fjs on January 09, 2011, 11:12:10 PM ---Not having much luck. Upon launching the .APP file I see a brief HuGo splash screen, screen turns black and Dingoo freezes. :'(

--- End quote ---

Make sure you extracted to the directory I specified in the post/help file. This _may_ be one cause.

Check in the directory where .app file is for a "debugout.txt" file, this is a (Unix style newline) text file that may contain some useful debug output.

Right now this file ALWAYS gets created/appended too for situations like these :-)

Can you confirm which type of Dingoo you have? It shouldn't make a difference but just in case it is worth recording that now.


Thanks for the reply.

Yes, installed to the path as specified:

--- Quote ---A:\Game\3D Games\DingooHuGo

--- End quote ---


--- Code: ---stdout for hugo
--[ INITIALISATION ]--------------------------------

--- End code ---

I have a Dingoo Digital A320 - ILI9331 LCD.


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