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Can't charge my dingoo

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It happens with laptops i have had laptops that ran out of charge and left for 2 years, then when trying to charge them up they wont charge no more. Only hold about 5 mins.

The difficulty with Dingoos is you cant go change the Battery as easy as say a Nintendo DS system.

Did you check the battery-to-mobo cables? They could have broken or cut... Thus resulting in no charging.

thanks for all your replies

my dingoo is an A330 ,i forgot to tell you it,and wasnt working for 3/4 months max

i contacted the seller but since he's telling me goofy response (do an factory reset etc..) and since he's not responding anymore after my email telling him he's gonna make my sick & should do his work to make my dingoo work

i'm not at home,but i will check the battery again

Check the cables that connect it to the board, check the solders too.

Im also having a problem charging my dingoo. I hadn't used it for several months so i put it on charge all day but it didn't charge at all. I desoldered the battery and charged it up with a lipo charger and it registered as charged on the dingoo, but it now it has run out of charge again after using it but it still wont charge. Any ideas?


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