Author Topic: Why A320 so popular?  (Read 214 times)

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Why A320 so popular?
« on: February 14, 2017, 08:33:52 am »
Emulation devices from china are usually frowned upon due to poor controls and other issues. The Dingoo A320 seemed to be an exception to this and was loved by so many. Slaanesh is even going to release another version of mame for it even though more powerful emulation handhelds are available

I have a new one sitting in my drawer which I have never used. Just want to know why this particular device was so popular?
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Re: Why A320 so popular?
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I think it's because they're simple and considered to 'just work' despite their low specifications.

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Re: Why A320 so popular?
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I love the concept of emulators being triggered by file extensions. Thus I can just pick my preferred versions of multi-platform games, have them all in ONE place and can select them using ONE interface, without having to launch a specific emulator first. Simple idea, but it rocks!

So, on the whole, while I have complete system libraries on my SD card, the "GAME" folder serves as a cross-platform pool just for favourites. I like it.
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